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Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at researchut.com
Tue May 5 13:40:02 CEST 2009

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Hi Luis,

Thanks for sharing this.
Yes. Power Saving is not just the job of the kernel (or system services). B=
every application needs to inherit such modes.

When KDE4 was being baked, I had high hopes on Power Savings there. Like, i=
f a=20
user uses only KDE apps, it should be easy for, say PowerDevil, to instruct=
kded that it is now on Battery and that every app needs to switch to Power=
Saving mode.


On Tuesday 05 May 2009 06:16:02 Luis Garrido wrote:
> Hi!
> I thought I'd share some of my experiences about trying to avoid
> spin-ups when browsing the internet.
> -------------------
> Firefox 3
> -------------------
> Apparently FF3 uses sqlite as backend for history, bookmarks, etc.
> Sqlite fsyncs a lot to keep the database consistent, so you get an
> fsync (with the consequent spin-up) every new page you open. Here is
> more info on the subject:
> http://shaver.off.net/diary/2008/05/25/fsyncers-and-curveballs/
> However, FF3 doesn't provoke spin-ups if you are just reading a long
> page, without clicking any links or opening new stuff.
> -------------------
> Opera 9
> -------------------
> Opera 9 exhibits the opposite behaviour: clicking and opening new
> stuff won't spin-up your HD, but you'll get some random spin-ups every
> now an then, even if you are not navigating. Perhaps it somehow
> consolidates writes and issues the occasional fsync, I haven't
> investigated it.
> -------------------
> Conclusion
> -------------------
> Apparently the only reliable way of achieving silent browsing is
> moving your browser user profile to a ramdisk (tmpfs). If you want to
> store your session history and the bookmarks you create during it you
> will have to implement some way of mirroring it to the hard disk via a
> cron rsync job, for instance.
> Cheers,
> Luis
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